Peace Be Upon You

Remember yesterday I wish I lay in the hospital  and get skinny. (ATTENTION:On my previous entry I spell   "lie" instead of "lay" by mistake.What I mean is,I feel like I want to terlantar on the hospital,get sick and skinny.

Masa solat,aku doa sangat-sangat biar aku sakit.


pagi tadi.

I had an accident.I crashed a car with my new bike.Hancur motor ku tang depan.I had bruise everywhere and some injuries on body.I cried.The pakcik yang I langgar keep texting and calling asking for his car.Padahal side mirror je dengan pintu kereta dia calar sikit.Berkira nyer :'( Motor aku lagi teruk!dengan luka2 ni lagi :'( takde ehsan ke?

Mesti ada hikmah dia.

Thank you Allah.I'm sorry if I don't love my life enough. :'(

*I type with my left hand*

and I can still feel the nerves on my wound.

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