the fat issue again

Peace Be Upon You

Today post I wanna talked about women's body.Since fat is always been the issue,it make me sick,tired and stressful.Some people just don't get my feelings.and I don't know if it was me,or the people out there who keep pushing me to be skinny.

I just wish that someday I lie in the hospital and get skinny and the rest of people who wants me to be skinny  so bad would be happy.

This is Odette Yustman.I seriously adore her body since I watched her on You Again.She's tall,skin,perfect skin and hair.She is so lucky to have it all.Oh,please google her if u wanna see how she exactly looks like.I mean,tak elok la I put gambar pakai bikini in here.It's like I spread dosa to u olls.

 This is Demi Lovato
 Since she came out from rehab,she is getting fat.But I wouldn't care because I love her.

I just wanna say that there is a different among every girls.Some girls are born lucky with skinny and lean body.Some girls are not...like me.I am born like this.I am no thin and lean.I'm not complaining.Malah,I am very grateful for whats Allah has gave me.

But it's just so stressful for those people who keep asking me to diet.
I am sick.

and all I know,all I need is a healthier body not a skinny one.

but I am so sick right now.I feel like dying.

I knew you would never understand.

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