A Broken Heart

Peace Be Upon You :)

Post kali ni I wanna talk about

*drum rolls*

A broken heart.

As u can see people,broken heart is a part of growing up.It's a test for everyone who has heart.Duh.Haha.

I don't have any idea if this is how our heart looks like.
I'm pretty sure if it's bleed,it does look  like this.and it hurts.

As I read on the magazines,banyak jugak talk about changing yourself to be a better person.Dia punya tagline lebih kurang je like "it's new year,new you. or it's the new leaf or blah blah blah".And I've read about 3-4 magazine that talks about broken heart.Why?Ramai yang break up at the end of the year ke?Um oh I dunno.

I'm not really gonna talk about what the magazine says neways....

That is totally true!I got my heart broken DULU and now I found my happiness :)
*eh ye ke??*haha

Well,I think that is very pointless to admit yourself as a broken heart person.

All I can say is that,

You set up your brain own your own or the other is : You are what you think.

So,please immediately throw all the negative thinking so your mind will be free :)
Memang,senang cakap nak buat susah tho but nobody can change you except you.duh.

Pretty pretty please ^^
Lastly,being crazy is not a crime :)

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