Peace Be Upon You gegirls and boboys.

It's been a while I haven't update.Hah?Ye ke.But it's true!I can't find time to online lama-lama cause everyday I got back from school like 6pm.Actually my school held a Hari Sukan Tahunan.So,every evening there's some event like 1500m and bla blah.So as the Naib Pengerusi  I had to stay back helping my Pengerusi lah..Btw,I'll update later.Today I have juicer one.ahaksss

So,what are OME is?Oh My English or Oh Mak Engkau?haha both make sense anyway.But I wanna highlight on English subject today.(Considering that I will face the REAL MUET TEST this 3rd July)

I so have this on my draft like 2 months ago when Oh My English sitcom mula-mula nak start.Hmmmm

English has been a trend.Do you notice?Especially when there's a Oh My English sitcom on Astro Ceria and on youtube and I bet they are lingering in your mouth too.Like "Oh my english" then laughing all the way like lalalalalala. (Got my imagination or not?HAHA) 

Therefore,I just wanna mention some situation that related to English.

1."eleh,belagak macam dia seorang je tahu English".

So,this is why some Malays are afraid of using English.Having the fear of getting labeling by friends.I have experienced this at school in while exam.It was MUET and some friends talking,joking,laughing and blah blah really really annoys me so much.Hello,I was focusing!I can't stand it so I read the text loudly in class.I they can make noise,why can't I?Then of course some like "Senyap la.Piah" and blah blah,some hentak their meja.Then "the sentence" came out.So,trust me,I knew what it feels like.But the moral is find a partner or a group of friends that also trying to improve English.It's much easier especially when you want to avoid "the sentence".and please please if you wanna speak in English,look around.If there's warga emas,do not use English.Use our bahasa Ibunda instead.Afraid if they assume us mengumpat about them.Well,warga emas are sensitive.Because not all of them understand english.But some nenek understand english.Cool huh?Also,do not forget to help others' too!Kalau takut salah,rujuk yang lebih pakar ^^

2."Congrate tau menang tadi"

Gegirls and boboys,there is no such a "Congrate" word in English dictionary.The word are "Congrats" or "Congratulation".(Ambil contoh Hanis Zalikha)So,the mistake on pronouncing are everywhere.I did too sometimes.It's okay if people laughing at you.You are learning.Remember that.So don't afraid to pronounce some words yang susah-susah.Cuba je dulu.Or you should ask the pakar. ^^ 

3.Grammatical Errors.

"Orang yang teror English ialah orang yang tahu grammar".Grammar okay,bukan grandma.Ahakss.I face this problems since I was a kid.But I improved a lil bit by reading and listening.Oh ya,I usually used what I often hear. Seriously.Sometimes it's wrong (What I refer from OME) and I promise to speak better!

Baru nak buat akur janji tapi macam tak boleh je -__-"

Anyway,I'm not mengagung-agung kan English,I remind you~ Bahasa Melayu are important and cool too but to be able speak in English to me is added value on someone's capability.Doesn't mean we put aside our bahasa ibunda pun.

Have a nice weekend!

P/S: In here,I use MANGLISH.LOL!!


Atiqaa Payung said...

gud luck wehh muet ! aku tak suka muet. grr

safiah sokher said...

TQ.Ahaha,jangan la.MUET tak bersalah

safiah sokher said...

TQ.Ahaha,jangan la.MUET tak bersalah

Arol Mubin said...

Abaikan budak-budak annoying tue! Bila kita speaking sikit, dorang cakap bajet. Bila kita dapat result yang okay dalam MUET, mulalah jeles dan perli-perli. Huh? So, kalau nak speaking London jumpa aku! Hehe. :D

safiah sokher said...

Ahaks.TQ Arol!