Tudung bawal

Peace Be Upon You

I supposed to update on my teater entry.I know.But cause the lack of time problemo and I had other priority to do,so nak tak nak I postponed dulu?HAHA.Sebagai ganti,I found this cool video.

reason why I shared this video.
1.I received a text from somebody "Tolong labuhkan tudung anda"
jeng jeng jeng.HAHA
2.Because I think it might help me and you,gegirls out there to be a better muslim.

I used to think that tudung labuh is not cool.I'm so sorry for that.I'm such a bad hijabster thinker back then.Ngee.But I'm not that kind of girl anymore.

What else to say?Assalamualaikum.Tak jawab dosa,kalau jawab sayang <3 <3 <3

P/S:memang tu trademark Marie Elena pun.yuhuuu


Elysa Sofia said...

Lisa dah tengok video ni.Memang menutup dada,and Im impressed on how she wears tudung :)

safiah sokher said...

Kan,me too!