Never forgive.

Peace Be Upon You

I'm on my way on searching myself.I mean,it is what it supposed to be.Life might be finding yourself or create what kind person you wanted to be.For me,growing up is an option.

This is not an entry about forgiveness.Not even about maturity.

So,I had one question that playing on my mind.Why can I just forgive?

These day,I keep on saying "I never forgive them!"

 For those who knew me,you wouldn't believe this didn't you?Because I tend to be the one who seek for forgiveness whenever there's misunderstood or something bad happened.The truth is that,I'm tired with this whole drama.I guess this is not about who started the fire,or who ended it.But this is about the one that kept the thing burning.Why can just they givvit a break?

I play cool and chill.But they still rubbing it on my face,whereas I didn't bother with every little shit they did.I kept myself with silence and do what I got to do.Still,they...

Now I realize that trust,is something valuable and luxury thing that nobody afford from me.


Faza said...

hey sis.. r u ok??

Whatever it is that you’re going through right now, I’m sure everything will turn out fine ..chill ok :)

safiah sokher said...

I'm going trough a hard time.All I do is pray for the best.Everything happen for a reason kan? :) So,I smile.Thank you for the advice kak Faza

Annisa mulia said...

Everything will be alright :)
As long as you believe that all in this world will not only stuck that way. Be patience..


Afiq Ah said...


safiah sokher said...

Annisa : Tq for dropping by :) and TQVM for the advice.Isyallah,everything will be okay

Afiq : I am bersabar :)