Things are different now...

Peace Be Upon You

I'm sorry that I haven't update like ages.and why do I have sorry for that?Ahakss.macam la ada peminat misteri kat sini.Yuhuuu~~

My time are wrapped with more and more important stuff day by day.I cannot help that I had to sacrifice my blog,fb and my fun time.

Currently busy with teater.Ahaksss.Tak payah nak teater la sangat kan.Yuhuuu but the competition held on this thrusday,3 Mei.Not really hoping to win this stuff but hopefully everything will go well :)

Also,I am surrounded by orang-yang-tidak-memahami-but-hendak-difahami and so tired to face this all over agian.Just so you know people,everybody does mistake.But the difference is,some learn from it but some just haven't learn their lesson.so,WHY?why I still accept friendship from people who back stabbed me,do this and that at me,kutuk belakang and so on?Because i believe that some day,people will change and be a better person.I believe with 2nd,3rd,4th,5th and hundredsssss chance.Not saying I'm a good person la. but I did this so that when I need the chance,especially when I really really want to change someone will give me one.Apa yang penting,I need that person to trust me ;)

Dikesempatan ini,just wanna mention that I'm so glad that FLQ accept my friendship again.Kitorang dah lama baik sebenarnya.Ambil yang jernih,buang yang keruh.hehe.i'm so happy that she's happier now with new boyfie that husband-to-be soon!May Allah bless your relationship,kak ;) Amin,Insyallah.andddd when is my turn?LAMBAT LAGI!

and why am I nagging about this.Because i wanna wake up and everything was just fine.

Enough nagging.Got things to do.ADIOSSSSAAA

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