Peace Be Upon You

I just saw a girlfriend of mine on Facebook.I like to check on her profile almost everyday because she always post cool stuff and status.But not anymore now considering that twitter is like her priority now..

Whats make me sad is not that she didn't post cool status..She grown up.But not in the good way.Wait,what I saw is,she lead a good life now.She mingle-ing with older friends,she had a job,she way more independent.Bukan macam aku yang tengah depend kat parents.Plus,she had a good reputation with communication which making her gain new experience every single day with every single people she met.None like me,I almost mingle with same people.I didn't really have the chance to mingle with oreng-orengs yang bukan dari sekolah aku.I spend almost my time at school and home.

She used to wear hijab.Yup,she didn't wear it before but I like better with hijab.Plus,she did perform her prayer very well.Malah,she's the one who remind about "jangan lambatkan solat".People change huh.I had no idea why she decide to free-hair again.I wanted to ask her earlier but I'm afraid if she's might be mad at me or she might think that I'm kolot.So,I pospone till now,I realize that its too late.
Then,the issue here are a lot worse than not wear hijab.It's something more.Pointless for me to wrote what she did cause it's like membuka aib orang.Even you dunno who she is..

Wonder if she came here...

If you read this honey,kembali lah ke pangkal jalan.Tidak terlambat untuk bertaubat.Ingat tak dulu kau cakap nak taubat? :'( Ingat balik janji kau.Please.

-The one that love you but afraid to tell.
safiah sokher


Nurul Ainaa said...

wohoaaa dia sudah terpengaruh lah tu. ^^

safiah sokher said...

tu yang buat risau tu :(