"Mind your own business."

Peace Be Upon You

About excuses given to not accept dakwah and the harsh methods of 'dakwah'

Therefore,I learn a few lesson.and now,I'm sharing it with you guys.
*Is this some kind of Dakwah too?I'm not sure.but I hope it is.

"Being human,we know that we forget everything all the time and we need advices as constants reminder ."

Ya,as human beings,everybody does mistake.So do I.Sometimes I did universal lies like "I'm goin to change,to be a better person than I am now."But the thing is,it only last for a weeks.Then I tend to do the same perkara makruh/lagha again.Oh,define makruh and lagha,it means benda yang sia-sia.Contoh mendengar lagu-lagu macam Dev,BEP,Paramore ke,even Demi Lovato terlalu-lalu banyak sampai melalaikan tu kira lagha dah.Boleh dengar,tapi jangan sampai lupa diri.Yuhuuu. Just as soon when I realize what I did,I'm so hopeless.I knew I need to move on my own,to enrich my Islamic knowledge more but maybe the Hidayah ain't coming yet.But hey peeps,kita hidup untuk mencari hidayah,bukan menunggu hidayah ;)

"People tend to look a lot at the people who's talking instead of what are they talking about"

Couldn't agree more.I,sometimes when someone who I think are lot worst than me,when he/she giving me advice I just take it like masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri.Aku degil.I admit that.Despite of my kelurusan,aku ni boleh tahan sometimes.So,what Adibah said are totally right.We should not,look at who's talking.The point of view are way more important.Then,pergilah munasabah diri.Ingat,in whatever situation jangan cepat melatah :)

"If you want someone to change,you should tell them to change"

This point are related to my last tuesday FB status saying that "Takpe jadi mulut laser sebab laser tu kira jujur.Tapi kalau jadi mulut laser mengaibkan orang buat apa,baik pergi buat pahala kering" lebih kurang lah. Maybe the way I'm perli-ing a friend of mine are wrong but I'm so sorry lah,I think I dont have any good way how to tell her that she shouldn't do what she did to me.It's memalu-ing me,and secara tak lansung daripada orang tak tahu jadi tahu.See?I honestly can't stand it even I pretend that I'm okay.I believe they know,aku tersentap.Hope they liked it.Ahaksss..But it's okay anyway.They are goin to be in my shoes SOON.What goes around come around right?In the other hand,I hope one day I had the chance to tell them what I don't like what they did so they could understand and also reminding them to not do it to someone else.There's a way to tegur someone like me,not by yelling at me in the middle of the class or places where there's people and those people tak perlu tahu pun what's goin on.Kan?

By the way,I hope all of my readers,please think before you say something.But how to think??Use the right tone to speak so that your friend didn't take it as perlian instead of nasihat.DO NOT YELL.YOUR FRIEND AIN'T DEAF!Then tengok jugak tempat,kalau tempat tu ramai orang ajak pergi tempat lain.Used the gentle word.Me,myself prefer someone who used gentle words than the harsh one.Sape lah suka kasar-kasar??

Akhirulkalam,Allah takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali kalau kaum itu sendir megubah dirinya.After watching this video and read this,lets change our "mind your own business" view so that we can live in a harmony world ^^


Nurul Ainaa said...

hmmmmm siapa ini perempuan huhuhuhu ^_^

safiah sokher said...

Nama dia Adiba.17 tahun ^^