Sometimes it's easier.

Peace Be Upon You :)

Everything is getting harder and harder (I guess).I don't have no place to be somebody I want it to be.Here,I can't find my F-U-N.It's like living in a shadow.I did this and that,to feel excepted.

So tired of people asking,and wondering.Sometimes they were like "Alah,Safiah tu nak perhatian je" No.I'm not like that.I really wanted to be alone.Where's there only me.So,that I can be myself.I want to stand on my own.Don't wanna be a leader,or a sidekick.Just me.But sometimes it don't work out that way.I know,I need friends too.I need friend that more me,less themselves so that they can put their shoes on mine.

Kena faham.Everyone deserve a second chance.

I need support.
Don't tense me.

Maybe you listen but you never hear.

It's easier if I just keep quiet.And no people would knew.Cuz,I already what they would say.


SHINeelany said...

How if you change your school and back to KL?
Worried bout ur STPM dgn situation yg serba tk kena tu.


Go discuss ur problem with Uncle Sokher.he may understand you and bagi few nasihat yg kau leh pakai

P/s : Awak-awak yg sekolah dgn Safiah yg terbaca comment saya ni , Silalah memahami si Safiah ni.don't judge her from outer.satu masa korg sure nyesal :D have a great STPM guys ;)

safiah sokher said...