My fasting months is goin "great"

Peace Be Upon You

Readers,sorry for not updating.And now,I dont blogwalking like usual cause the lack of time.Ah,so many work to do and I'm a lazy person so some work I biakan.Hehe.By this time I remembered what my MUET teacher told me,procrastination is the thief of time :) ngee~~

Ok back to topic,I don't know why there always a brick walls when I almost reach my happiness.& even worst,why it all happen on this fasting month yang mulia?It's not fair.Even though I try to telan all the dirty curse that been dancing in my mind like crazyyyyyyy afterall I just fight with someone today.Could be even worse,she's a good friend of mine.

Macam ni,there was a selisih faham between two besties.I didn't mean to interrupted though but when the B (bukan nama sebenar) were talking shit about her bestie M (Bukan nama sebenar) I can't buat bodo.You had no idea how weak M is which remind the old me.So,I did spill out some harsh words dedicated for B.I rock?Am I?Hehe.Then B was getting really mad at me.LOL,who cares.I did it cause she's sooooo stupid for doing that to her BFF.Today,they make peace but B told M "Don't force me to berbaik with Safiah".

If were in my shoes,you would go like "WTH kan?"

*And actually the stories ain't this short,it's way too panjang and I think it's the best review I can tell you so that tak banyak dirty secret coming out(especially the B dirty secrets.Despite she's membaling taik on my face but secret need to be kept).However,everyone is salah.
B is too jealous&cerewet. M is too weak while I crossed the line.

Still,I though everything goin to be fine when they berbaik semula.Plus,I'm happy everything is goin to be normal except that B can't forgive me.Well,I got a big ego's too but think twice,who started all the shit?Hmmm didn't know everything would turn out this way :( And apa yang lagi best,there are someone who depan-depan me seems like on my side and so convincing.The way si pulan talked to me it's like everything will be okay.Plus,si pulan is not batu api.I though that's a good quality that pulan have.Turn out,I heard si pulan told B "I felt like punching Safiah in the face when she mocking you". For the second time,WTH? What was that all about? And before iftar si pulan text me.The aku layan like usual.It's okay si pulan,I'll play in your game :)

As the conclusion,I'll keep my cool memandangkan it's bulan puasa.While,I miss all my girlfriend back then at ERT Setapak.Wish they were all here.

P/S: I watched Pretty Little Liars semalam kat 8TV.Best jugak.Try la layan.

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