kenapa tak boleh?

Peace Be Upon You

Selamat berpuasa for the 20th day for all muslim&muslimat.However,how can puasa stop me from having fun?I'm not a boring person.

All I ever wanted from March,just to watch some fresh movies at the cinema.Luckily someone did invited me to join to catch up some movies.Great,my parents won't let me.

Before this,I haven't got any problem to hang out.It's just that,don't hang out too often and I did obey the rules like ages.No that I am 18,and now they worried about me.What about back then when I was 15?or 16?17?

Not in the mood.

Anyway,maybe I'm goin to continue jahit baju raya or get some quality sleep in the afternoon.Or online again and again?

O,come on!

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Liza Razak said...

online pon best jugak..boleh blogwalking !! :)