Exam are coming up.

Peace Be Upon You.
It's Saturday,9.38pm but I haven't take a look at any of my notes. -,-
This morning I helped my mother baking curry puff(Karipap).150 biji.Banyak tu.Then on the same day hari ni jugak orang datang pasang cabinet.So,my house are messed with debu-debu etc :( So tired.Luckily tomorrow we got study groups.YEAY :)

Btw,Wish me luck people.Plus,the scholarship depends on this exam's result,so I really do count on it.

May Allah bless you people :) Adiosssa


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

pray for you,


all the best!

safiah sokher said...

TQ Kak Nisa.Idola form 6 ku :)