2nd July,please be nice.

Peace Be Upon You
Seriously,I'm so exhausted and tired and bored since I came back form the Larian 1 Malaysia.What makes me merungut the most is when I had to wear my tudung sekolah along my baju sukan.Errrr,the tudung is kinda thick and panas.Anyway,rules are rules.No more complains please,Safiah.

The larian ended like 9 o'clock and the P&P session run as usual.Luckily,the whole lower 6 prefer to not to continuing our P&P session and teachers also penat to teach us as well (kot).While waiting the school session finish at 12.30 noon,we're taking pictures,gossiping and blah blah blah.*Sorry I don't have the photo's with me.

& I thought after school would be cool cause we planned to hang out @ the library Alor Gajah as Zaza and Mimi wants to upload some software on their lap top and editing photo's blah blah while I'm doing all my delayed homeworks.It turn out: we took a very-very long lunch times and as soon when we reached at the library,it was CLOSE AT 2PM.We totally forget that today is SATURDAY!!!Suckss to be us!Finally,we decide lepak at the nearest KFC and Zaza sacrifice her RM11.45 just to bought 3 pepsi and 1 Milo.(How come it can be too expensive??)

4.30 pm I reached home.I can't tell ya how far I had travel from the bus stop to home with the beautiful and hot evening sunlight :(
It was 9.20PM by now I still don't know what to do.Don't tell me to finish all my homework cuz as you was inform,I'm a lazy person.Ahah,maybe I'll wacth TV3 punya drama tonight.The tittle was "anak emak" if I'm not mistaken....Bye-bye. *Atleast something to do rite????


Nursya Mohamed Hariri said...

macam terpaksa post je haha

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

yeayy...everything gonna be alrite

all the best sis :)

safiah sokher said...

@Nursya:hahah,macam terpaksa ke?Aku tangah boring lah time tu...

@Kak Nis:Tq sis.U're the best

SHINeelany said...

kau bakar je hw kau tu,wek!

tieykah said...

Lama xlari2 niyh:)

A retarded kitty said...

laughing my ass off while reading this entry.

thankfully (am I serious), Open Day was held on the same day as the larian shit so we can go home early.