Everyone talk about it kan?

Orange juice?Or probably a Mango juice.The colour are just the same kan??

Hahah,Peace Be Upon You ;)

Sorry for not updating here.Well,I only got 24 hours.And I cannot waste even a sec.Jap,it's not like blogging is waste of time but blogging can wait.Hehe.Dulu blogging was my priority but I guess not now :(

1/ So,last friday (I guess) the UPU's result for the degree intake was came out.What happen?I heard only 20 over 40 something made it to the Uni.What happen to the others?Cikgu Sidek said that now days too many student with 4 flat huh?wow,pandai-pandai nak pergi mana?Haha.Dulu,I heard that form 6 is easier to be selected in the Uni than the Diploma's holder.But what happen if we,the form6 students had to score 3.7 setaraf with Diploma's holder?Where's the keistimewaan that they talked about?"Form 6 lau dapat 2.5 pun insyallah lepas masuk U" Yeah,world is battlefield people.There's no short cut to success. :)

2/ It also kecoh about perlawanan between Chelsea & Malaysia.Rasa siapa menang?Plus,ada yang frust tak dapat pergi.Well,the tickets are quite cheap and worth it (I guess) because this is so like a chance in a lifetime.Bukan senang Chelsea nak datang Malaysia kan??

3/ Its 9 p.m but I dont want to do my homework.How come that I can be so Lazy?

well,I guess thats it.Bye people :)