Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan :)

Peace Be Upon You readers :)

First of all,I would like to apologize for not updating here like ages!Haha.And some friends was like "Safiah,please update your blog la..I miss to read you." and I'm touched.And surprisingly I got a few amount of silent reader.Hihi.But,here I am.So,are you ready?

As we all know,this august is also Ramadhan in bracket:Fasting!Fasting generally was defined by is me is,cannot marah-marah,have to tahan all the nafsu-nafsi and cannot eat&drink from subuh untill maghrib. And some of us also hopes that this Ramadhan would be better than last year :) and so do I.

For this year,I'm hoping to puasa penuh.(yeah,that is what all girls were hoping.)And also to khatam the quran.Last year I've khatam actually,but I want it better this year.I really wanted to understood what the qurans says.Insyallah.I wish I were a better muslimah :) and also,I want change my attitude.I knew I've been bad and everybody does mess up right?

For last 3 minutes,I'm looking a perfect picture to upload it here.It turn out I found a poster of "wear it right campaign".(oh yeah,I tried to upload here but failed.Dono y.) It shows 2 cartoon image which wearing tudung singkat and the other one wearing tudung labuh.Yup,it does feel like eating a bucket of chilies.You see,I really want some changes in me.But when it comes to tudung,I cannot help it.Ok,maybe.I'll use tudung labuh,but after I change my attitude.Hehe,boleh?

And also,this month would be a busier month for mak-mak,mak cik-mak cik busy menjahit baju and baking kuih for Syawal.haha,come on today baru 1st day puasa!Tak lupa juga,ada yang dah start cat-mengecat rumah ang tukar langsir!

Hmmmm,puasa-puasa juga.Do not forget to perform our pray 5 times a day.Yep,I knew someone who only puasa during Ramadhan but never attend solat 5 waktu & Terawih.No good.Know why?I think my puasa won't be perfect if I'm not performing my solat 5 waktu.So,dont waste your time.Pergilah mengerjakan ibadah solat juga ya.

So,nak buka apa hari ni ya?Lau pergi Bazaar Ramadhan tu,membeli biar beragak-agak la.JANGAN MEMBAZIR.MEMBAZIR AMALAN SYAITAN.

With that I end my speech. SELAMAT BERPUASA semua!! :)

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Anisa Hang Tuah said...

salam ramdadhan saffy :)