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Peace Be Upon You :)

I have to admit it,lately I lost all of my mood.Except for being monotonous-person-ever.
1/From my room,to the hall,and then to the kitchen.Hell,I don't know what to do.Then I choose to play with my bike somehow,I was so bored.
2/I deleted all the previous post that I think not necessary .And browsing to Faiz Ibrahim's blog.I read all of his post about form 6.It did help me,about continuing form 6 since A LOT of peeps keep telling me how hard form 6 was.(Even I do realize it a bit,but hey,I can put a lot of effort on that kan.And tawakal je.Rezeki kita tak tau)
3/Then I saw Fey online.I had my "relationship matters" conversation with her and she did help me too.
4/then I updated this un-juicy post.Oh gimme some inspiration.Gimme a sign.

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