I had a lof of things goin on my mind.Fuhhhh :(

Peace be upon you :D

After u read the graphic above,I think u should answer it.TQ
Lately,I have a lot of things going right here.It's feels like a burden or something and I'm waiting for it to blow out.And It's not like I don't have someone to spill everything out,It's just,I think "this is not the time".I am not full empty-ness.I have everyone right by my side.They always there.Yeah sometimes the more u grow up or u pretend to be "grown-up" u'll facing a lot of.You know.The more people u met,the more kerenah u had to understand.Sometimes u just need a little space and a little attention.But sometimes I was like"WTH,the world is not always been about you..".But I did I mean it I want some space.And every morning,when I looked into the mirror I just dunno who's infront of me.

Okay,forget about that.

Now I'm listening to Who you are by Jessie Jay.It's my favorite song at the moment. :)
Just listening to the lyrics.I'ts kinda memahami my situation.Haha.Funny how can a song match you.

Ok Ok Ok I notice it's turning more gloomy and monotonous right here.I think it's the best if I sign out.Bye everyone.

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