Love is a fun topic.

Peace Be Upon You

Lately I've been stalking on Demi.Haha.Just kidding.Don't u realize how perfect her skin was.And I love her big smile even it looks weird sometimes ;D
So since I grew up,I notice that some of my friends started to asked me, "hey safiah,do u have boyfriend?" or "hey,safiah do u crush on someone" but honestly NO.erk,except for the 2nd question.Muahahahahahaha
Yeah lot's of my friends already dating someone only a few lah yang pegang status single.And sometimes cannot stand to see how loyal they shud be to their bf's/gf's because I don't have to that.I'm freeeeeeeee.
From my observation,it's true that people said: "selalunya bf dia buruk,awek dia cun and sebaliknya" I wonder how could that happen.And now I knew why,cuz look doesn't matter.What matter in a relationship is : trust,honesty and loyalty.

Suddenly I remembered my first big crush on someone when I was 14.His name was Fisher.Since I met him,I tried to be someone who I'm not.I mean,I try to impress him by being so innocent and follow his order,obey him.I text him nite and day and it does feel comfortable when he was by my side.BTW,I don't want to waste my energy to talk about him cuz it's not worth it anymore.He technically ignore me. :) He delete my FB once and I add him because I cannot stand to not to know what his doing.haha.And now he made a new account and he only approve peeps who he thinks important to him.And it's obviously not me.Takpe.&one thing about him is,he only finds me,IM me when he needed someone to back up him with his stupid war game.(He encourage me to play online war games.WTH?) *wait,did I just try to ignoring him by not ignoring him?
See peeps,boys and girls,Love is a fun topic to talk about especially when people show some interest to your stories but what I wanna tell you is,do not caught it with that too much.(especially me)
"Jangan sayang sesuatu melebihi Allah s.w.t"


Siti Safiyyah said...

hihi kelakar lak cite awak ni.. :p but yes, saya setuju ->> jangan sayang sesuatu melebihi Allah ^__^

safiah sokher said...

iye?tq tq tq peah

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

i know this sounds like a motivational talk for everyone but i was just feeling inspired


safiah sokher said...

inspired?woww.tq :)

SHINeelany said...

the fisher is smell fishy!let him go lah wek.

thought this topic's gonna bored me but maybe for this post it wasn't that bored.haha

I'm the one who still solo since my 1st *monkey love* <--- the stupid Hariz.hahaha

safiah sokher said...

dah.I already let him go~~~