Peace Be Upon You and a verrrryryr Good Morning :)
Hey there.I saw you online.Remember my last text?It's actually mean,I wont appear on your life,ever again. ;)
We need space.
You need space.
I'm so glad u dunno nothing about blog.I don't want u to read this.Hehe.

I hope,we'll be even more mature to handle this in future. *Shit,I'm talking about future?


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

ehem ehemm..berbunga2 nampak

safiah sokher said...

bunga tu takde lah sgt.tp sikiiiiit la

Faza Aloha said...


u already matured dear when u r taliking about future.. *clap clap

safiah sokher said...

really?awww tak nak matured lg.nk jadi budak2.haha