Peace Be Upon You :)

Hmmmm hello peeps.So,hows your Monday went?Well,mine its kinda busy a bit cuz I had to settle up my perpindahan sekolah from KL-Melaka.I was place in a skul name SMK Dato' Haji Talib Karim,Alor Gajah.Anyone from Alor Gajah here?Oh,come on!Mestilah ada atleast SATU kan?Haha.

Well I kinda lack of idea to write anything here.But hey,atleast my yesterday was quite fun.Know why,ohh.Cannot tell u! So this is Lany.My backbone.She was there for me all the time.TQ Lany.I miss u every sec.Ah I cannot tell them by words.Get well soon Lany.Nanti kalau aku sampai KL,aku datang kat rumah kau ok.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

that's school?

hehhe..near from my member's home

all the best

talib karim is most fames school i guess.


SHINeelany said...