Camne nak belajar English cara Sapeah Sokher.Haha

Peace Be Upon You :) *meh sini wa tumbok lu.Teringat time Graduation and the result trial.English aku A kottt!!

hahah First of all,I hope u don't mind if I'm using Manglish :)

And I wanted all of u to know I was not born and suddenly can speak in English very well.I work hard on my butt on it. *Hiperbola.

What's make me wanna learn English.

1/I was grown up in KL.Evendoe English is-not-so-important but it is MOST OF THE THING in this century.

2/I thought English is simple especially when it comes to membahasakan ourself.In malay's culture,we have to use "saya" to elder and we also allowed to use "aku" to our peers but not with elders.But,with english,we just use "I".Simple tak?

3/I got the influence from my father and my eldest sister.She prefer to tune in english radio station than malay...

4/I don't really mixed with malay student(maksud aku tak berapa rapat dgn they all la,bukan tak kawan lansung) back then when I was in sekolah rendah instead I hang out with my chinesse friends a lot,Ellise and Christy.They speak in english,so I had to understand the language.
So,Camne nak belajar English?

1/When I was standard 4,I borrowed Ellise's childhood book and I tried to understand the words.1 page a day.It took about a whole week to understand the story.ahah.So,what u guys gotta do is,take any kind of book(for beginners cari buku yang simple,tulisan hakk besar tu!haha.) and try to read the book OUT LOUD and UNDERSTAND the meaning.Pronounce it correctly.Dont be afraid to tersalah sebut.Learn from mistake okay.

2/Everytime when it comes to English lesson,I prefer to speak in english with my teacher.So,Communicate with other people in English.If someones does said "eleh,belagak mat salleh" let them be!Because u're trying to improve yourself here!!!U shud try it because once u lancar sikit-sikit then baru la rasa kepuasannya.Or,boleh juga pick one day tu khas untuk speak in English je with your friends or family..

3/Start to tune in english radio station.Know why?It helps on improve your listening skills.As the DJ membebel,try to understand and cerita balik dekat kawan,what does the DJ membebel about.Or u can try,watching English movie WITHOUT subtitles.

4/I bet some of us had our own diary.Start to write in English.Or what about write your status on FB in english instead of malay?

5/When I was in sekolah rendah,everyday we have to copy one english word a day in a small note book.After a few months,I decide to read the dictionary.It's kinda fun actually.And it an effective way because I believe if we're looking the meaning of an English word by ourself kita sendiri akan ingat instead of tanya-tanya orang.

CTH: Dulu I don't know what is a "city" because I saw the word everywhere,dekat TV,poster,Bus..Then I looked it in the dictionary myself.Then sampai sekarang ingat.haha.And contoh lagi satu. I asked my teacher "Teacher,what is the meaning of cucumber?" then my teacher answered it.After past few days,I already forgot.haha.Walhal benda tu timun je.Hihi

See,I told u it was simple.Atleast by know I do know how to communicate sikit-sikit.But no so pandai lah macam Yuna,Maya Karin or Sarimah Ibrahim.Haha.

So,readers,apa kata try kaedah ni.hehe.Or kalau advance dari ni lagi baguih :)


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

yah...let;s to learn an english


nice dear..

SHINeelany said...

believe it or not , I start to remember English words from yesterday..

*yg jrg org guna pakai..ni cthnya.aku belajar semalam.haha.harini before tido belajar lagi..

ayat biasa : Look at him.he make the others angry with his speech..

ayat baru : his speech kindley the anger of the crowd..

HAHA.how's that??btw,aku baru igt nak post pasal mari belajar english tau !!! kau dah buat dulu.gilalah.pemikiran kita sama :D

eqa said...

bgus kaedah ni law amalkan non-stop :)

safiah sokher said...

Lany : way to go Lany!!!

Eqa:TQ :)

Heidi Shafiq said...

sebelum tido aku hafal kamus.. pastu tgk movie utk blaja style dorang bercakap.. hehe..

safiah sokher said...

lebih kurang la dgn aku tu..