Brands Outlet:Last day @ work,15,May.2011

Peace Be Upon You :)

So this is us.The staff of BO Ampang Point.Happy jugak to be part of the family.Apa yang paling penting is,I'm the youngest.Yeah,I deserve to be treat with lots of lovessssss. *See hoe many "s" I put?Pic taken in the morning,time briefing.
start with the guy with blue shirt is Didie,Ekin,me and Anis.We are the part timer.Oppp including Asyraf the new staff.And maybe ada staff baru to replace me,Anis and Didie.Yup.Ekin tinggal sensorang.She still worked by now.*Me,Anis and Eykin are sebaya!(Didie are 1 year older than us)But the fact is,they are born on June while mine on August and yupppp I'm the youngest evendoe aku paling besar among them :p. Anis is goin to sambung her edu at UITM Kuala Pilah,taking Diploma Sains and Didie pulak UITM Jengka taking Diploma Teknologi Pejabat.Bestnye masuk U kan?Hehehe.
1 row choclate for me and Anis.Yang cute nye is when I opened up my locker and there was chocolates!!I gone crazzzzzy.And Kak Lia said : "Piah kalau dapat coklat mesti meroyan".Awwwww.Tau pun!Plus,the cakes.Memang saje nak tambah lemak aku kan?Oh,TQTQTQ very the much.Hehe.I felt like LOVED <3
So this is Kak Nani feeding me.Ha-Ha.And nampak tak mata juling aku?
So by now,I am officially not working at BO anymore.Which is a lil bit sad cuz
1/I don't earn money like I did for the past few months.AHH.Celah mana income nak datang?
2/I miss the grouping area te fitting room.Hehe.

But we have to accepted the fact that every Hello ends with a Goodbye.I will miss u guys in the future.


nurul ain said...

na coklat toblerone tu bley ? :p

safiah sokher said...