Family & Old mates :) *very short post

Peace Be Upon You :) Ever since I started worked,and my parents moved out Melaka,I haven't went there yet.But finally,last Friday I got the chance jugak!You know what I love most(beside having parents around..) : My Bedroom. I love the paint colour my mum pick for me.I only told her I wanna a purple paint and I don't have any idea it was Light Purple.Lawa.I like it.
and I own a speaker which I can connect with my MP4 player and as soon when I knew it,I throw up a party in my bedroom tapi alone sahaja.Me time ;)
Cannot wait to decorate the room.Plus,the internet connection are super duper fast!Trust me.
*me,fatimah n adlina

Then I went to Times Square to attend The Sek Ren Reunion party.Somehow,I was late!

and I missed the gathering.I only got the chance to meet the boys,Fatimah,Adlina and Mai (girl in white shawl).

Actually the event started at 1.30pm and reached there at 4pm.WTH rite?haha.And I don't get it why the rest of them balik awal sangat.Dont they wanna meet me?Awwww.

May the relationship between me with my old mates will last forever.Amin.

And I wish I had more time at Melaka :')


z a z a said...

msti rse seronok gile ble jmpe kawan2 lame. btui dok?

safiah sokher said...

betul tu betoiiii