Maybe your Safiah's has grown up?

Oh,This is my BO's friends.They are like 1-10 years older than me.Luckily I manage to handle it.Lepak-ing with them was a blast!This picture was taken 6th Feb 2011 @ the jamming studio right after our "Happy Working Hours".Ha-Ha.I don't know..I started to love 'em :D (cuz I looked good)

Peace Be Upon You readers :D

I remember when I was like 12 I sneak out with one of my girlfriend to KLCC to meet some guy.Yeahh that is so berani of us,then I thought I should stop but it's hard to control myself :p.Have u feel when u did something bad and u feel good about it?I went there too!

Then when I get 13,I started to date.Meeting friends at the futsal,here,there and started to lepak malam-malam (tapi depan rumah je pun) till my father said "enough,I hantar u to a boarding skul".I was like?

Fast foward,when I get 15 years old.I dated again and this time is different.There's only me and him.But nothing happened seriously!Bila fikir balik,"How come aku sangat berani time tu??Hello,u're 15!".Maybe I just trusted him.Kan?

Now,belum sampai 18 lagi pun I started to worked and I don't know why I always wanna lepak with my friends.Last Chinese New year I went a vacation with my BO's friends and I go jamming with them? It's hard to explain this feeling that I experienced right now.So,betul lah orang cakap,remaja ni semua benda nak cuba because that is exactly what I felt and I want it so bad.

Dulu,I am Safiah who went to school and sometimes blog.This time is different sikit,I am Safiah who went to work but earn 2 off day a week and sometimes blog.Your Safiah has grown up.(Maybe)

Maybe I'm wiser now.More patient. Calmer. Toned down. I wanna be like that. I've learned that life is a river. You could either float with it, swim in it, or you drown.I felt like sharing this because I know a teen and sebaya like me are going through the same thing as I am.I hope I'm able to cope with this grown up stuff :P And let's pray aku tak terjebak dalam gejala culture shock.Amin.And terjebak dalam cinta bangang yang meleret-leret.Amin.


Ain Atika Zailani said...

wahh seronoknya g jamming.. saya x penah g pon.huhu..

She is f.A.z.A said...

nice entry... ohw i like the NEW safiah one :P

p.s: first time i visit here.. :)

safiah sokher said...

Ain : U shud try sumtimes

Faza : TQ.do visit more