Wall Of Fame :D

Peace Be Upon You :D

Emm rupanya entah berapa lama la saya tak update kan?Hahah.Been busy for a few days.Sorry!Okayyy actually not so busy BUT kind of lazy to update.It's not like I don't have any story to spill its just I'm not in a blogging mood :(

So for today I would like to present.
Ding ding
Drums rollsssss............
Me in Santa Clous?Errrr

I'm the best hockey player okay!Note that.Better be scared!
I'm a lonely bride that dumb her groom on the wedding day.Haha.

Watch out,I got GUN!

Awww,looked at that!I'm a cute love cupid.Awww.

Wanna pic like mine?go to Photofunia.com
*Since when I became theirs web promoter?

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