Really Safiah?Do they really?

Remember when we first met?I was kind of blur because I don't talk to strangers.Ngee, :D Then I don't know how u suddenly got my phone number. (erk?)

Then we started become like this.We text,we call till late night and we meet at the school library,at the canteen.We looked each other from near,far,here,there,anywhere- I'm rhyming aren't I? See, I do that when I nervous.Aww,I miss that moment.(dem).

Then.u make me feel like this.Ouch.

started pretend I don't like you and you told me you met someone.(Great,I met someone too!)
Years after years.I can't help myself.I caught in the middle of my own heart with this feeling I concealed.I thought I've forget about u but I guessing I'm not.

Last night I had a dream about you and we're so happy.We laugh,we talk and we doing stuff like we used to be.We look so perfect together.<3
Sonny: Well, Chad, you were right. All proms end in disaster.
Chad: Do they Sonny? Do they really? 'Cause sometimes I heard, you get to have that perfect dance, with that one special person. [takes out headphones] You're just going to have to settle for me.
[Chad and Sonny start dancing]
Sonny: [giggles] This is sweet!
Chad: I have my moments
*the sentence that I've Bold I would like to dedicated it to you.

**Readers,do you really think I got someone special right here in my heart?Pffft,absolutely nope.This is my imagination.Haha.GOTCHA.Well,Well,West,nak love story imaginasi aku lagi?Klik LIKE.haha.(that means I want your comment)


Nur Ailani Zubir said...

pemancing ikan?

safiah sokher said...

Fisher :D

Anonymous said...

Imaginasi atau realiti??

Biela Sapine said...

Interesting :)

Lindonut said...

haha. more like a case of xde keje lain nak buat jek. :p