I hate my face.FACE IT


Kalian semua,I am hating my face.I mean it.

Almost every human I met,They told me that I got innocent face.The question is WHY !
What is wrong with my face.Whats the differences with others?I got 2 round eyes,1 nose,a mouth.Apa yang nampak baiknya.?!

Aku tak boleh terima kalau orang cakap "muka je baik" dekat aku.HELLO,you suppose to attack the behaviour,not the FACE moron!

& I am honestly admit that I am emotional.I can't control my anger,my tears and all.If I felt like yelling,I'll Yell.If I felt like crying,I'll cry.So,whats the problem?

Obviously I am an alien because people keep remind me about being emotional.

Whatever it is,lets change my face with yours :(

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