beezee body

Peace Be Upon You

Dah lama benau tak update ye.Lantak la aku bukan ada peminat setia pun.Ehmmm

Well,I'm in the mood to talk about body.HAHA.As u olls confirm,I had body issue.Always had one :"(

some people said I looked thin but I guess nobody knows my issue :( well I tried to not be lazy to exercise but end up I'm too tired after worked.My body are weak!Sometimes I think I need vitamin and sometimes I thought I need healthy products like Herbalife. I can even afford to pay my skuter every month dah berangan nak beli Herbalife.Wake up.

I think I just loss my weight not a single muscle loss.My pinggang size still same (I think) infact,I think its getting bigger.HAHA.Eh not la actually.if I wanna compared from 2011 I think I loss 2 inches.Weheee.

Last 2 weeks kot I terserempak with my old girlfriends which I forget her name at first. (I am so sorry Mai!!) Then she said "Memang aku nampak kau muka cam kenal.tapi kurus,aku takut salah orang,tu pasal la tak tegur" pulak?

newaysss I just wanna say that,just because some girls look thin and fine,doesn't mean she is healthy.

there is no such saying says that size determine our health.

the end.

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