bittersweet eh?

Peace Be Upon You

First of all,reading my entry are at your own risk.Enough said.

a picture that never gets old.

Oh,I know in nowdays situation we should post photo on instagram instead of blog them.LOL.the thing is,I don't have one.Peace :)

I actually been thinking that he is the one.My only one.Ramai orang saling mengkaitkan diriku dengan beliau (ehemmm) by asking me about him A LOT.

"Ehemmm apa khabar"

"Ehemmmm buat apa sekarang"

"Tak message ehemmm ke?"

"Still contact dengan ehemmm?"

"Sayang ehemm tak??"  

then yang paling funny is masa aku pergi rumah cikgu.

cikgu: Awak maybe dapat UNIMAS
me: Alarrr jauhnye :(
cikgu: Dah tu kau nak duduk celah ******** dak ehemmm??


The truth is that I'm jealous.
I'm jealous that there's a girl had chance grew up with him for 4 years.
I'm jealous to see a couples who's been in love since high school and married after graduated from Uni
I even get jealous after reading about love after marriage

It was just so awesome that love can be in many form,so many stories.Some end up with beautiful,heart warming ending or some end up with sorrow.

My ultimate question is,
how come they can made it trough the storm?

What if,he is my truly one.the only one until the last breath I heal?

Kalau chenta tu boleh muncul dapat bentuk orang,I would imagine him 

Nobody knows the future but we usually trust our instinct.I trust mine.and I saw him.

Kalau ada jodoh,insyaAllah :) Amiin.


Anonymous said...

celah ape aku dapat agak! cikgu2 =,='

safiah sokher said...

celah :p :p