Short term friendship ( I guess)

Peace Be Upon You

After a long time no update,now I have my own story to tell.Whatever it is,I wrote this straight from my heart.

Short term friendship.I guess almost everybody been there.Knowing a person for a short time and berpisah.Berpisah either you choose it or it's fate.I dunno but in my story,I told her I gotta to break this friendship I had with her.Why?Just reasons...

I've heard about her for a long-long time.I decided to add her on facebook and be friends.We chat as if we've known each other like ages.I am seriously feel the chemistry.It's like 2 girls met at the playground and play together,share stories and... love the same teddy bear?Erk?Word~~~haha.

1 months and 14 days.

She unfriend me on facebook.

However,I really appreciate the weird kind of short term friendship I had with her.I hope she'a always in pink.May Allah bless you :)

P/S : You feel me?

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