Peace Be Upon You

As year goes by,I am seriously getting fat.

Fat is always been the issue of every second everytime I inhale.Haha.I seriously had a battle between my love towards food and not getting fat.It's not like I wanted to be so skinny tho it's just that I need the ideal body weight that suits my height.

Last year,I when to a shopping mall at Ampang.There's a booth for Herbalife.Then the salesperson asked me to timbang my weight la and I was like,why not.She told me "I saw you very thin then why is your weight are heavy". I laughed.

It's because I am fat.I dunno what makes me look tiny.Some people laughed when I told them I'm fat.


Why updating this.It's just that I wanted to menyeru,please don't ask me for dinner and ajak me makan here and there.ahhaha.Nunite ^^


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

Say NO to nasi

and you will get a hot body likee hmm me! Lolx

SimplySeoul said...

First thing first. Happy New Year dear. may the days continue to be great to you.

Herbalife? well im one of the consumer too. not a discipline one but a devoted one i guess. anyway, it's good. one of the best nutrition food out there. maybe you want to give it a try. it's not a diet product, just a good food.

Anonymous said...

lolz~ Diet yg seimbang if kau rse kau da gemox.. jgn amalkn diet x sihat pulak..krg sakit susah.. =)

Faza said...

really?, ok aper badan sebenar nyer berat tapi fizikal nyer x nampak :)

safiah sokher said...

Kak Nis : But I love nasi also.ahahah

safiah sokher said...

SimplySeoul : Yup I knew its a good food.But it's costy :(

safiah sokher said...

Eza Eda : mana nak seimbang hari2 karipap.HAHA

safiah sokher said...

Kak Faza : Memang ok.tapi tak sihat :(