Social network these days.

Peace Be Upon You

1st of all,3 more paper to go.Ohhh yeah,please be nice :)

I'm going to talk about

*drum rolls*

Social network these days.I mean like,Seriously?

1st.A girl who a big fan of K-Pop singer,I seriously got no probs with that because everybody has their own taste on music.She claimed that she's no longer Malaysian because one epic tragedy that happen on Shout Award Night.For those who dunno,it's about some (i repeat SOME) Malaysian people trowing bottles and boo-ing K-pop singer.Not a nice thing to do Malaysian(For those who did it).I understand that she a big supporter if K-Pop but seriously there's no need to called "Malaysia ****" and admit you're Korean.

2.A girl who hates her father so much.She wish her father is dead.I understand some teenager had problems with parents.It's usual thing that happened because of lack of understanding and love?I dunno.and because of that she hit thousand of followers on Twitter.Wow.Also she mention some bad words and porn stuff.Geli.

3.A guy and a girl bet for latest football match between Malaysia and Laos."kalau Malaysia menang aku dot dot dot".Such a berani statement they made.But the thing is lucah and entah apa-apa.

In my opinion,internet now are less safer.Especially with people who make fuss about something and the people that spreading the news.Sebab there's always people yang akan simply tekan "shared" or "retweet".Kan?[Oh,I spread things at school tho.I felt extremely bad :(  Astagfirullah]

Actually I dunno how and what to comment about this issue but I just wanna do a reminder for my readers :)

Lets's pray for GAZA.

Ambil contoh ^^

Don't forget to doa for our saudara Muslim.:)


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

High school kids should not be allowed on twitter and every soc network in the earth.They're full of crap,annoying and imnature..Ramai narrow minded! ZzzZzz

safiah sokher said...

Haah kan.I agree with Kak Nis.Full of craps.yekkk