Adam & Hawa

Peace Be Upon You :)

Relationships last longer when everybody doesn't know your business.

Honestly,I am utterly agree with that statement.Yup.

Adam & Hawa is not really my 1st novel I ever read.But it's one of my favorite than Bicara Hati. Cool,both my fav novel are showing on TV's huh? If I had some time,I turn on channel Mustika to watch this.while reading,while helping my mom and so on.

wait.I'm thinking.What is exactly my point pointing out about Adam & Hawa nih.

Oh!I remember!

A friend of mine,actually dah 2 orang told me I look alike Nadiya Nisaa.Oh really?I would agree if you tell me she's the prettier version of mine.Or I don't look alike her AT ALL.Perasan.But dah 2 orang cakap >_<

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