Freaking me out.

Peace Be Upon You.

I never thought of updating something in here since I supposed to be panic and super busy prepared for STPM. But,everybody,almost everybody update their "convo" stories.While I'm just having a graduation. I'm not sure id there's a different between convo or graduation. But the objective are a like.To celebrate student glory ^^

Introducing my rakan sepejuangan. All of them achieved 3 pointer something while mine, urgh,so sad.

This is my parents. I'm so glad that they showed up. The night before, mum told me she sort of tired and need rest. I really appreciate that she was there. and so with my dad. I always act "I-Don't-Really-Care-Bout-You" to them but believe me,I love them.

This is the only picture of me on graduation day. Mom told me, I'm the littlest one among my friends. Yeah. I'm the shorty.

This is our Tokoh Pelajar. Kak Dayana. She's 21. It's worth it that she repeat her STPM cause she really work hard on it.She deserve the awards.

Whats makes me freaking out is that I'm not sure if I'm ready.I always try to do my best but it turn out the result are not much from what I expect. Arghhh why I am no smart? I used to be smart back then. I received best student award too before. The competition are tough here since I mixed up with smart people. and sometimes I realize that I'm not compete cause I know I will lose. That is such a loser thinking. But so far, I think I have proved that I'm not dumb cause one of teacher praising me the way I answer the question. Actually I don't know how I do it.Shhhhhh. Plus, I have failed BM before but Alhamdulillah I gain an A- this time.

After all,I realize that I need to maintain things that I earn now and improved some killer subjects that kills me. STPM, Please be nice. I'm a good kid. Trust me LOL


Mohd Lokman Bin Ramli said...

tahniah.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

uhlala ada saya dsitu la..
safiah sokher sila usaha lagi lepas ni ye (= good luck stpm..

safiah sokher said...

Lokman : TQ :)

safiah sokher said...

Eza Eda : Sila tinggalkan link anda :p