There are things..

Peace Be Upon You gegirls and boboys.

And how was your weekend went? Enough said,I had thing to share.Keep on reading.

1.Berterima kasih la sikit!
This are the things that annoy me so much.People who don't thanks other who helped them.Bukan nak mengharap sangat ucapan "terima kasih" dengan muka sengih-sengih sampai keluar semua gigi.It's just that,it's not nice la kalau orang dah tolong then you complaining.Everybody want's the best,and sometimes you might need help.If you're not satisfy with the result why not just say it nicely?or simple,do it yourself kan :)

2."Jangan tiru aksi ini"
I went to a kenduri and I saw bunch of adults taking shisha.Shisha tu ala-ala hisap macam paip and I'm not sure if they give effect or not.I do consider them as not a nice thing to do in public (same goes to smoker).Because it's not good for little kids saw adult sucking shisha's.Ok if you're saying "Mana ada la,shisha tu okay je la" Ok why don't let your childrens or niece ke nephew (the little one,duh!) taking shisha?Why you have to say about it.So my point here is,it's your choice to shisha,smoking or whatever but please don't do it infront of little children.I seriously think that it's not a good manner for kids to watch.No matter how bad people we are,atleast try to be the best for kids.Oh,this also a reminder for me.PEACE.

3.I'm bored
Schools start tomorrow and I'm not really ready.Everytime I online my facebook I shared my worry-ness with friends.I am not ready for STPM.Ramai dah orang men-saiko aku.Yuhuu.I hope by tonight I could gain all the school spirit and start studying like a real Pra-U student.I envy my cousin who got in Matriks and score 4 flat! for both sem.What are you?A robot kah?How can you save all the data?

4.Got to go.
Okay,I wish to update on my bro wedding but I guess I'll wait.I had several things to update.Also,remind me that I wanna make an entry the face that look a like me.Oh,happen to the "macam mana nak tahu dia player" project.Hmmmmm.Hahah.No comment!

Adios.Have a nice day!


Faza said...

sis.. kene semangat sket ok! STPM tix utk u ke University.. :)

safiah sokher said...

aww.Tq so much :)