My Barbie Mansion ;)

Peace Be Upon You

If you grew up with barbie,raise up your hands.I love barbie dolls <3 But I don't have one.I mean I do have one when I was little.My mom bought me Kelly.The little barbie with botol susu and toilet.When you press Kelly's stomach nanti dia keluar pee sebab air yang kita suap tu akan berkumpul dalam body Kelly.I'm stupid enough tu understand those but really exciting to saw the pee come out from Kelly's pussy.Haha.When I'm older,my bestfriend have a lot of barbie dolls.So,like almost everyday I went to her house played barbie. :) Untill now,I still love barbie dolls. Although I'm too old for barbie now but who care??? :p
Ini Kelly

Okay,we most of us think that barbie are perfect.Great figure,pretty face and lemah-lembut attitude.So do I.Why I don't look alike barbie dolls like Dakota Rose?

Safiah Sokher
Dakota Rose
(HAHA.Aku pun nak interframe gak!!)

Because Allah have gave me the best figure and pretty face that suit me :) Alhamdulillah. Barbie are just mankind creation.Kalau nak ikut ratio body barbie dengan manusia,they ain't real.


Forget about that.Now I'm talking about my barbie mansion :) Harap-harap I can live like this for one week je.Tanak lelama,I might be bored.I like my life now.Being not-so-kaya ain't bad :)

This is Barbie Mansion House at Malibu.They are so pinky!Okay,it might give you heart attack or short-temporary-blind attack with this pinky-pinky thingy.Trust me,pink are gooooood 

Hope my future husband (acehceh) and my beloved family don't mind with this ruang tamu.They are cheerful.Nampak tak macam sejadah je yang tersangkut kat sofa hitam tu.Hikhik.Aku pun tak tau tu benda apa.HAHA

This is going to be my bedroom.Yeahhhhhh.Strictly DO NOT EAT OR DRINK on my bed!

Belakang tu dinner hall ^^ I love the theme.Black and pink.

Kalau ada event,time raya ke semua berkumpul kat sini je.Hihi

Ni ruang tamu lagi satu ke?haish rumah besar sangat taktau nak buat apa.HAHA.Oh,ni Barbie Mansion House dekat London ^^

This is my girls bedroom.My son bedroom tak prepare.Wek wek :p My daughter gonna love me for this <3

This is too much.But I'm goin to install high heels.Tolong la faham :p 

Okay,sorry if this post annoy you.Don't blame me,I'm just a little girl that stay in 19 year old girl body.Haha.Whatever it is,either you have played with barbie or never had one,it's okay.We all have a great childhood days.Main masak-masak,main kawen-kawen.Hmmm apa lagi eh game time kecik?

Have a nice day.May Allah bless you :)


SimplySeoul said...

Barbie dolls are expensive. I remember I saw a Barbie set cost rm280++....ok quite pricey. I'm not really into the barbie but more to the accessories.:)). Barbie has high taste in fashion.

safiah sokher said...

Yup.They are expensive.that's why I dont have one.HAHA.Except for Kelly :)

Nurul Ainaa said...

perghhh pink! haissshhhh love geela babun laaaahhhh! haissshhhhhhh :D

safiah sokher said...

Haruslah ^^