I don't know yawn,I had this thing that wrapped my brain.and my whole blood are cold.I don't know if I ever live for tomorrow again.I don't know if I can smile again.and,I don't know if I meet the real me again.I'm not sure if I'm changing,growing up or this is just a temporary disorder.

Again.My hands are cold.My heart are placed in my feet.I can't feel both of them.My eyes can't lie to my brain.My nose miss the smell of happiness.

tuuttt for the tears that falling down for no reason.
tutttttt for the fears in me.

For sure,this happen for one reason.It's true what people said (I guess,cause it seems like true)

: You cannot choose with who you fall in love with.

Argh,how can this mix into one?I don't no combo!


Faza said...

awwww u fall in love? :)

safiah sokher said...

I am. :) but he dont love me at all.