Wild Child

Peace Be Upon You

I've watch Wild Child like thousand times.Either on the internet,and I did borrowed a friend of mine's DVD.Maybe I watched them because I like Emma Roberts.But when I looked at the brightside,Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) reminds me,what kind of girl I wanted to be.

She's some kind of rebel type of person.and I think I am too.I rebel because I don't want people think I'm weak.But the fact is,I often mengalah.Bak kata orang melayu,"mulut pedas" la konon.Atau nak up sikit,Mulut Jahat ^^ But I don't think I a true Mulut Jahat type.Maybe I just point out something without thinking.Everybody does mistake kan?

It's lot more easier to respect others before hoping someone to respect you.But what Poppy did in here,seems like cool but it ain't right.

I behave like an asshole.but I am not a asshole.There is a difference :) Thank you,Kate.

No caption.I guess I just did fry your head.and you poached my heart.We're equal.

Sometimes,everything bad tragedy that happen to me are lesson.and the way how I enjoy my life.They are not that bad.Seriously.Bad memories tend to be the good one.(sometimes)

and only the person that knew me well knew why I behave like an asshole.(sometimes) It's funny when a friend of mine make a statement
"Your life is kind of a mess now,you need someone to guide you"
Haha.Tq buddy.But I'll guide myself.People cannot be trust nowdays.

Atleast Poppy's heart started to heal.Mine?It's like someone is digging it again and again.

So what kind of girl I wanted to be?
I miss they old "me".With happy face.Almost everybody notice my eye-bag now and I bet they knew I'm having a hard time.But life is life.It does sucks sometimes.

Oh,I need more Poppy spirit in me.Can just go to bed,and wake up and everything is fine?Nope.Because,I'm just a misguided ghost that traveling endlessly.Human should be afraid of me but they are the one who's echoing me.Keep me haunted.Yes.Either I'm a ghost or an alien,it won't make a different.I'm still the freak one.They don't understand me.I have much much different view from then.They can't see.

Again.I'm still finding myself.


Nursya Mohamed Hariri said...

oh myyyyyy i love this movie much

safiah sokher said...

me too!!!!

Anonymous said...

My fav movie of all time. serious best! :)

Faza said...

true.life is sucks sometimes.. and life not always turn well as we wish.

it's be good if we r a stronger person that willing to take all the challenge and taste the life without any regret.

p.s: still trying to figure out what i want in my life.

safiah sokher said...

Rara : Mine too!

safiah sokher said...

Kak Faza : Yeah.and I wonder why good times dont last. :(