My alter ego.

Peace Be Upon You

This is a short post by me.Ahaksss.(Gedik!)

This week,my classmate are busy with QM at Studio Hang Jebat.There are MSSM were held and our school are the pengelola this year.I did sign up for the QM but unfortunately I didn't get the chance.The whole form 6 are goin and few stay (including me).It was very mean to left us here :'( also,this is so not our studying week.We watch movie instead!Awesome!

The truth is,I miss somebody called me Handsome.Argh,I love that nick name so much! After all,Handsome are only my alter ego that I created by myself.I miss her so much.In a scale of 10,I think 6 of it maybe Handsome will come back.HA-HA.

So,do have your own alter ego guys?I bet sometimes we want to be somebody else.Even the "be yourself" phrase are belambak everywhere~~LOL.

In case if you are asking,Alter Ego is

1.A person's secondary or alternative personality.
2.An intimate and trusted friend.

With that,I end my speech! Trimas c(=


Faza said...

hii Handsome..nice to meet u! :D

safiah sokher said...

Nice to meet you too! :) haha