Dream come true.

Peace Be Upon You

I knew I have been disappear like ages and didn't leave anything here.For sure,I may lost some followers but,it's not my point for blogging.But hey,which creature didn't want to be known?haha.

And last January has brought me something.He is back!He came back for me and that's what making me happier.Alhamdulillah :) It's like a dream came true.Lets pray it's permanent this time.Amin

Evendoe I've been ignoring him like 2 weeks,and I don't know how it actually happen,we make up but this time,he ask to focus more on studies.Way to go love life :p

However,what happen to me wasn't the main subject,what happen to you guys?Are some of followers gain?How's blogging helping you in expressing yourself?Mine?It works A LOT.

Tomorrow are weekends,Insyallah,I'll write something useful here *Urgh,this is so my universal lies!But I hope this time is true*



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