Peace Be Upon You

It' Saturday morning and a very very redup which not so hot,or cold,not so warm but comfy.I lay on my cushion and watch TV then realize that "ahah!Why not do the house chores?!" So then,I'm thinking of my promises to update something useful here but too bad,nothing is useful in my brain.Actually there is something but I think this is not the time yet.Plus,the "camne nak tau dia player" entry is still,in my draft and I will finished them before the end of 2012.Haha,kidding!

Guess what?I'm terpesong far enough.

When I was a little girl,I promise to my dad,"I'm the one who goin to treat your eyes,operate them and fix all the nerve so you can see again" Therefore,I really wanted to be a doctor.Somehow,I'm not so smart.Cakap je senangkan?"Piah nak jadi Doktor Mata pa".
Dah jadi Doktor Pakar Mata.Hahaha

No,the thing is not like that.We got to work hard for that.Then I disappointing him by not getting A's in science on UPSR.Seriously,I'm a very lembab with science and math stuff but somehow I love science.Science is magic.Wink wink.hehe.

So then,I still didn't learn my lesson,I bail on him again.I got C for science in my PMR.He also promise me to do everything for me to get into MRSM if I got an A in science.Only if I could turn back....

Alhamdulillah,on my SPM's result last 2010,I earn an A.Even it's an A minus but let just consider them as an usual A,shall we?But.I wasn't interested in medic anymore,plus I'm schooling at ERT,taking fashion courses there's no way I'm eligible for taking medic or whatso ever doctor courses.Wait,except for a nurse but I'm not into nurse.Maybe because I didn't like the outfit?There are so fit,I guess.Haha.

So here I am in form 6,I told my father that I wanted to be a counselor,like Cikgu Nina.She's fun,supporting and liked by everyone (except the orang atasan,but who cares?)
Guess what my father said?

Dad:Why not applying engineer courses?
Mum:I like it better if she's a school teacher.It's a noble job.Teacher suits you.

I hate math.I don't memorize the sifir or not good with mencongak.

I can consider that but teaching,is not really my thing.

I am so inspired by Cikgu Nina to be a counselor.Evendoe that I'm not so good in communication skill but I work on that.But helping people,trouble maker and etc to solve or calm them makes me feel good.Sometimes I did give ridiculous advice but hey,I'm still learning here.I read so much stuff about trouble teen,parents experience and read a lot of quotes to inspired me.Don't you see how many work I did for this? *sounds mad ke?No lah*

Somehow,my parents didn't mind so much as long as I got career and make them proud.I'll show to the world that even sometimes you saw me weak but someday I'll be on the top. :)

p/s:Never let the fear striking out.Keep on playing the game.

*Tetiba macam lagu Mean-Taylor Swift and Who's Laughing Now-Jessie J bermain dalam minda.HAHAH


Faza said...

haha sis.. mane ilang? :P

why not u apply tesl.. ur english quite well though :))

p.s: bleh jadi cikgu/lecturer english

safiah sokher said...

kuiukuikui Actually haritu internet takde kat rumah :( Ni baru ada balik.

TESL.I love too (back then).Insyallah,I'll apply after STPM.My english wasn't so good lah.Banyak lagi kena improve.Btw,tqvm for dropping by!