How to love yourself?

Peace Be Upon You :)

I've been thinking to wrote this like ages ago but the thing is,I'm a an old lady that live in a 18 year old body,so I forgot.Haha.But then,I saw a friend of mine,post that she felt like don't know how to love herself.To be honest,I used to be like that.I don't love myself.I cried,big time.And I hate my face,my body cause I think they are not pretty like other girls and I hate being stupid.I don't know why I am not smart like others.And some of my family labeling me lembab.So I thought,no one loves me.Once,I decide to kill myself or cut my own hand.But then,alhamdulillah,I realize that what I wanna do is totally stupid and not worth it.Yeah,I've been there.For sure some of you out there feeling the same. :)

FYI: I am still lembab and blur until now.Haih T_T

*Watch this vid.It might also help :)

So,do you felt like left out and not acceptable?You just arrive at the correct place cause I'm about to tell you,how to love yourself!So,keep on reading.

1.Stop comparing yourself.
Okay,as it say in this video.I am soooo agree with this one.What makes us felt tak perfect started with comparing.So,stop it.Always remember,there's always someone who less fortunate than yourself.Maybe some girls,live in a rich family,but that does mean she's has a perfect life.Maybe you thought that you are in poor family and can't afford to buy this and that.Just think,this is what they called cubaan dari Allah S.W.T.Remember,Allah akan menguji hambaNya kerana Allah tahu,hambaNya boleh lakukannya.

Quotes:If you compare yourself to the others,you will become more vain and bitter.For there will always be greater or lesser person than yourself.

2.Believe in yourself.
Okay,for this one.I always wake up in the morning and take a look in the mirror.I told myself that I'm pretty and smart on my own way.Maybe people don't notice me yet but I'll prove it.So I think you should do it too.To trust yourself may take times.At first,I cried in front in the mirror cause I thought I'm lying to myself,I'm such a joke!Such a fake!But then I think again,I don't have to prove to them that I'm pretty and smart,I just had to prove it to myself!At the moment,I trust myself,I know I can do it cause I need to change this negative thinking.Have faith on you,trust you and believe in you.

Quotes:No one knows you better than yourself.Trust your own judgement.

3.Express yourself.
As for me,I like to write.I had my own diary and spill on it with whatever emotion I felt.It makes me felt calmer and happier.But some people might like to cut their hand.Oh,not that kind of express.That is way too negative and not a right thing to do.In fact,its added more burden and hurting yourself.So,dont do it!Please.Hmmmm I understood that some of us afraid to express themselves because they are afraid that it might be kind some of joke for some people.But the thing is,loving yourself comes down to expression.Help yourself by finding your own passion.It doesn’t matter what your passions are, express them to the best of your ability.Maybe there are some negative criticism but take it as kritikan membina.Okay?

Quotes:Life is to express yourself,not to impress others.

4.Change your point of view with positivity.
If the whole world advise you with this and that but you haven't made up your mind with positivity,then it (sorry to say) useless for you to read this.Seriously.Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib seseorang jika dia tidak berusaha untuk berubah.
The utmost important is,to have a good relationship with yourself cause you'll learn to love yourself :)

Quotes:Stop saying "I can't".You can.You just choose not to.

My advise for you out there:Learn from people experience cause life is short and we don't have the chance to experience everything.I always learn from Demi Lovato.Ever heard her past that effect her career?I'm as her fan are really disappointed back then but I'm happy that she had gain her confidence and healthier now.


Nursya Mohamed Hariri said...

stop saying you're not pretty la, muka cam kacuk arab cantik pe :)
and and this post kinda membina semangat haha
i'll try to love myself to the fullest :D

safiah sokher said...

Really?Wow,thank you.
Okay.Love yourself before you loved someone else.eheh

amiruddin said...

love ur post.. =)

safiah sokher said...

Haha.TQ Amir :D