It's Friday.Gotta get down on Friday!

Peace Be Upon You
Hello peeps.And of course it was Friday :D
As usual,I love Friday more than the other day.Beside a half day school hours,I enjoy my Friday cause the next day are Saturday&Sunday which is CUTI.(Wait,but studying aren't cuti rite -__-" )
Also for the muslim,we are goin to celebrate Raya Haji soon.So,Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone! :)

Yesterday I've got my MUET results already.(Attention:This is just final year exam MUET test,not the REAL MUET TEST okay.) I earn Band 3.Alhamdulillah.Even I haven't complete my essay on Writing test, luckily the other compenent like Listening,Reading and Speaking cover for it :D and yes,I'm happy with it.Actually,I'm not that terror to expect Band 6,Band 3 are enough.But will do better on the real test.Wish me luck.

Also,today I already knew my Sastera results.Alhamdulillah,I earn A!I'm so glad to earn it and thanks to my friends who helps me a lot on memorizing the notes!Somehow,I knew I cannot be so proud of it because,we all know bout the circle of life~Duh.

What about Pengajian Am,BM and Seni?Haha.I'll wait.(With patience)

SPBT Prefect Interview :)
Hope I'll pass for the position.Because I need to collect the Koku marks for University sake!Okay,I am well inform with the buziness that may appear soon but I'll catch up.Insyallah!

So,what am I goin to do tonight?

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