Bestfriends :)

Peace Be Upon You :)

Friends is divide into 3 category.
I define that:
Friend:everyone that I know.(name,a lil bit about their background)
Close Friends:People who I spend a lot of my time,lepak-ing or studying.Maybe we share something in common like,interest,hobby or habit.Or sharing some problems.
Bestfriends:People who I trust.Who I called my backbone.The one that I'm not hesitate when I'm telling him/her my deepest secret.Also,always understand me and never tired of giving me advice. :)

The truth is.I don't really like having best friends.I don't really know why because I had problem on trusting people.Beside,I hate it when I'm in someone's shadow.All I want is to stand on my own.People know me,because of me.*Ada bunyi belagak sikit tak?Haha.
Ya,it is kinda weird but I like to be alone sebenarnya.Cannot deny that we all need friends but kawan tu,kawan jugak lah and me time is also important.Hehe,paham tak?

So,this is Fiza.My closest friend ever in Melaka.Oh,ramai lagi sebenarnya...Tikadiya,Wawa and the boys.Sorry ye,I couldn't find their photo.Ada dalam FB but I seriously can't online my Fb because of personel problemo.Shhh.
This is Lany.Okay,she totally my best friend.My back bone cause whatever happen I need her. :) *Okay,I'm not writing this because she had blog so that I had to jaga hati dia,tapi this is sincere.
Ni memang gila-gila punya kawan!Fly asrama but I cannot ikut by that time sebab ada kerja.Hehe.Aww rugi :(
They are also my bestfriends. :) Always sharing,caring and loving.No crisis :)

It might be weird cause I'm 18 and still talking about friendship.Haha,rasa geli lah!But I do love all my friends.And I'm not a picky in this matter.I kawan semua orang except if the person made a statement about unfriend me.Lantak mu lah.I also always stand up for my friends.Well,friend in need is friend indeed. (eh,betul ke?)

So for those who have bestfriends,a close friend or whatever you called it, appreciate them :) Be there for them,and always remind them about the circle of life they're feeling down.In this post I would like to thank to Fiza Khalid who always have time for me,to listen to me and to trust me :)
*Walaupun I knew she didn't read this but if you knew her,Tell her that I wrote this.hehe

Also,many thanks to Lany and Tongol's.My girls :) Because korang rock and never tired of hearing and giving advice on my typical,stupid problemo.Life is a mess without you all.It's just so hard to fit in sometimes :'(

And,my oldmates.SAWFLY.haven't contact each other like ages.Well,we all move on :)

Lagi satu,My childhood friends:Elle,Ira and Susan.You guys had grown up and pretty dah sekarang.Take care of yourself in this cruel world ye.

Lagi lagi lagi,to my alam may friends.Thank you for stopping by here :D


Anisa Hang Tuah said...


all the best adik-adik

Well.. it's me! said...

hey lama x visit ur page kan..
i change my link coz smtgh happend to me..
take care sis! :)

ArJunA BiRu said...

juz nak kacau jer.
happening nye frennnn.....

nelly said...

wow !! happynyaaaa !!