Telling lies or telling the truth?

Peace Be Upon You

Hi everyone!How's your day?Izzit good or bad?Well I'm sure everyone have their own story to tell rite?So do I.

Telling lies or telling the truth?Which one do you prefer most? Mostly would pick the truth of course and agree that somtimes we had to lie.Kan?

As I growing up in this cruel world,I was taught to telling the truth cause lie doesn't help you especially when the situation gets so freaking ugly.Then when we're trying to explain our reason but we didn't get the chance :( Awww to bad kan?
I,sometimes agree that it's okay to lie SOMETIMES.Especially when we are trying to protect something or someone's feeling.Let me get this straight...It's just it's not okay to see someone is hurt so bad just because the truth has spill.CONTOH:

Lisa:Nora,Do I look fat?
Nora:Yes,perut boroi sangat lah!

Okay,this kinda of truth.It would definitely hurt Lisa.Memang la perut dia buncit but you can use this,(cakap berlapik)

Lisa:Nora,Do I look fat?
Nora:Nope,but you gotta to work on that stomach.

See,lebih sopan kan?Kita ni orang timur. :p
Somehow,still it depend on the situation.Kan dah cakap, SOMETIMES.

And I also would dying to know the truth because honesty is the BEST policy :D

*Kau rasa apa pengajaran entri ni?Okay,nak jujur biar perpada-pada,menipu sekali sekala. :D Peaceee yawwwnnnn


Ninie said...

org melayu..mesti ckp berlapik..kih3. Sampaikan terpaksa menipu, sbb xsampai ati telling the truth. Owh...how great or how bad...depends. hihihi. Dh follow kamu. sudi2 terjah ninie juga.

Heidi Shafiq said...

hahaha.. ok pengajaran yg bagus.. :D

Anonymous said...

better dgr d truth than at d end baru tau sume tu lies..

it hurts :)