Peace Be Upon You :)

My week went suck.So,I did this to motivate me.A simple word "Be Strong" but the meaning is too deep to describde.So at school,when I'm tense,I can always look at it.(tak kisah lah if people labeling me as Emo.Why not?)
I'm so tense(again).It's not like I can't fit in,but the problem is THEM.Why can't be a lil bit more understanding,a lil bit respect and be OPEN MINDED?

Maybe,I don't think they way they did or THEY don't think the way I did but we can always GIVE&TAKE if we talked about,identify the problem and solve it.


And why so sensitive?

And just because IF your life sucks,your boyfriend sucks,you had nobody to trust DON'T DRAG ME,stupid!

I'm so sick of drama.Thinking of move to KL again and move on with college but I don't thats a good idea.Just so you know,I love it to be in form 6.Even the challenge are harder but Insyallah,I'll pass.Moreover,don't you think that by doing that is like running away from the problem.I'm trying to grow up here.

Tomorrow is saturday.Hope I'll find my strengt again. ;)

Thank you for my best best best girlfriend,who deeply care about me,Lany.
And a few classmate who shows their concern.I'm touched.Atleast I don't feel alone.And I'm not alone.

*Sorry people,but next time I'll update something useful.Hehhe


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

dear.life is full of excitement.

everything gonna be okay


chill dear.

exam dah nak dekat.

focus okay...


kak nis always give u a support

SHINeelany said...

Jyeahhh at least you start to be an independent and strong girl when stay at there . Cepatlah STPM ti sambung study dgn aku ya :D

safiah sokher said...

awww kak nis & lany! tenkiu very much!