The battle of boredem. :'(

Peace Be Upon You

Seriously,I'm not updating on "how my Raya going" but....nothing interesting.Err but atleast there's something kan?Not telling now.Next time?*wink wink

And tadi I was watching Maria Elena video kat youtube and suddenly aku terasa nak update.*Impress with her :D

Bukan apa.I had something bother me in the inside.And I don't really know where to express it,with who.And they might response?And I realize that sometimes I'm afraid to be myself.Sometimes I did something just to feel excepted and loved.

So I made up my mind again.

"Always be someone who don't give a damn"

Somehow,it's hard sometimes try to ignoring annoying stupid people.Hehe.

*Why there are so many "sometimes" mention in this post? Abaikan~~

So people.Can you help?Here's the question.

1/How do you manage to focus on studies while having a great relationship with everyone?*atau pun camne nak bahagi masa study dengan masa ber-sms,melepak dan on9 dengan kawan. -,-


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

i start to focus my study when i sketch my dream about changing my family life to be more better.

Anonymous said...

same la raye kite. eh tapi cuti raye macy best. hihik