How can I,myself be my future children's mother

Peace Be Upon You

Okay,I promise it would be the juiciest one.Hehe

And yeah,as I confirmed,I am a very loving person.Heh,it's not like I'm isi-ing the basket and angkat sendiri,But I honestly think that I'm loving person.I love kids.Especially cute and adorable one.They made my day happier than ever.But somehow....
I just don't know how to take care a baby. :( When they cry,I don't even know what they want,either they need sleeps or they want some milk.My nephew,Azrul and Ashraf.I don't even know how to entertain them well but I just catering them (especially Ashraf) just the way they wanted.If he wanna play ball,so lets play them.If he wanna play bowling,lets play them evendoe its just annoying sometimes cause I had to mengalah everytime. -,- .Beside,when my nephew merajuk,or meragam I don't know what to do.Choiiiiii.But my younger sister (Safiana) does know how to handle this.Credit goes to her!!

Next,honestly I don't know how to cook.Boys loves girls who can cook. :( Sucks to be me again.Me and some of my friends did talked about this but there's only 1 guy yang supporting me "Relaks lah,ada masa lagi nak belajar" while others keep talking how important cook-stuff is.And yeah,some of them did insult me.But that wont make me down lah peeps,I'll learn how to cook someday and I'll make sure my dish are better than yours.Speaking of which,in this case,I need my Lany to teach me cooking :D

Moreover,I don't know is I can didik my children the way my parents did.They didik me well and I was really impressed cause even how nakal I was back then but they still keep their cool.Especially papa.He's the best dad in the world.What I admire about him is,cause he's a very strong person.Despite he is blind,but he does know how to use computer,to fix the sinki and he memorize how many step to go to the kitchen,to the toilet & we cannot lie to him or else,KANTOI.

I don't really know why I talked about parenthood.But I get this idea when I saw how rajin and hardworking are my mother.You know,after sahur.she definitely going to bake 7 jenis kuih untuk jual kat kedai.While I were at school nasib baik my older sis (Nana) and my older bro (Epul) manage to help her.That is how my mother cari our rezeki.We are not in rich families anyway.Today is Saturday,so I helped her.

Ya Allah,blessed my parents and loved them the way the loved me when I was little.Amin.


tieykah said...

I love kids too

But do the kids love me?


SHINeelany said...

Parents love is the most precious treasure :)
with that love,we be a good person or bad person.Luckily you be a human :D .
Haha.bout cook,Will teach you okay?

safiah sokher said...

Tieykah : Of they will ;)

Lany : TQVM,really need your helps!

z a z a said...

senang je jaga baby. kat sini I amik 1 short course I kene jaga baby robot which is we have to you know, feed, tuka pampers, dodoi kan dia. klu x dia akan nangis than die.. mmg seronok n i got the highest mark among my friends!

safiah sokher said...

Oww,ye ke Zaza.Will try joining soon