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*Photo of the day! :)

Peace be upon you

Last night me and Lany talked about my relationship matters.She make me realize something.

Since habis sekolah,I had too many space.I don't have my parents around and my gila-gila girlfriends.So I kinda started to something that I never really had before.(Ever since 20.April.2009) Which is a boyfriend.

Wacthing other people with their boyfiend,makes me feel like "Hey,I think I need one".Weird.How can I be so naive?Plus,this




behaviour totally pushing me.This is such a pressure.
*Before I wrote something stuuuuupid so I stop right here. :)

Anyway.Aku kembali DTB.Yeay.

Plus,I think I need to start mendalami my agama again.Hope I can vanished all this feeling.Amin.

*Ish gua tak tau lah camne nak share video kat sini.Kesiannnnn

*Lagu ni best tau.Lau tak suka versi Old skul ni boleh dengar versi Miley Cyrus.

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safiah sokher said...

Gua suka photo of the day ni.Lu?